Friday, February 24, 2006

I think something really unusual has happened. When we met with the funeral director, we told him we wanted a cemetery that was small and pretty and not a big commercial place. He gave us a few places. There was one that was small and in the woods, but he asked if we wanted to dig the grave ourselves because there was no one to do it. The caretaker was older and his wife didn't want him to do the work. We told him we would go check out the places he listed and we went to that one first we got there, I noticed this big marker with pinwheels and dinosaurs all over. I looked at it for a long time. There was a little boy buried there and I felt that he was so loved. That grave made me want my little girl there too. We told the funeral director and he was able to get the caretaker to dig the grave for us for $100 and donate the plot.
Every time I go, I visit that little boy. Twice I have left dinosaurs for him. The marker has his parents names and birth dates on it and 2 last names. I realized the mother's first name is the same as my daughter's music teacher. I didn't know her last name. I looked it up on her school web site this morning and discovered it's one of the last names on the marker.
She lost her son in a drowning accident in the river a few years ago. They had been canoeing as a family, she, her husband and 3 boys. The boat tipped and got stuck against a log. The parents ended up on either bank, each with one boy, each thinking the other had the littlest. He was pinned under water against the log and drowned. My daughter's teacher is the one who told me the story and I have never spoken to her music teacher about this.
The cemetery isn't even in our town and has very few new graves. I'm pretty sure this must be her son. I have to figure out how to tell her I'm the one leaving the dinosaurs and visiting him. I think it will probably be through email. My daughter's father's schedule changed and she's going to be moving to a higher level Kindermusik class on a different day. I am supposed to contact this teacher for make-up work and I have her email address. Maybe I will ask her in email after we have talked about the makeup work.


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