Wednesday, March 08, 2006

More Autopsy Results

The doctor called back with more results from the pathology reports. They still don't have final answers. The cause of death is going to be listed as thromboembolic episode in the cord, or a clot in the umbilical artery. There were also clots in the placenta and the baby had a cyst on her kidneys, pulmonary hemorrhage and hemorrhage in her brain. They have been taking so long with the reports because they aren't certain how all these things relate to each other. They don’t know which happened first, but they believe the cord episode caused her death. OB said if I decide I want to try to conceive again, he will send me to a maternal fetal medicine specialist. They will probably do more tests to rule out any clotting disorders they haven’t tested me for yet.
I feel better about the fact that people are working on this and trying to find out what happened. I don’t feel better about future pregnancies. The main thing I keep thinking is that I hope she wasn’t in pain. I’m going to try and do more research and try and find answers. My husband thinks it could have something to do with Depo Provera since it caused so many other problems for me.


Blogger History of a Family said...

Hi there..

I found you through the loss board at BabyCenter.

I thought it was interesting that you mentioned DepoProvera in your posting. I attempted Depo about two years ago, and only made it through one shot (with absolutely horrendous "side effects"). Since you mention that you are pregnant currently, I was curious if your doctor, or fetal medicine specialist, thought anything of the Depo correlation?

11:58 AM  
Blogger injenuity said...

I just noticed this post. I hope it wasn't made too long ago. The doctors won't say it has anything to do with depo. I do know that researchers think there may be a correlation between hormonal birth control and antiphospholipid antibody syndrome. I often wonder if depo caused the blood disorder. I had a successful pregnancy in 2000, before I had ever used depo.

5:41 PM  

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