Sunday, March 26, 2006


Friday, as I drove home from a rough afternoon at work, I was upset. I was thinking about how it would be nice to have a drink to wind down when I got home. I was frustrated. It was raining, hailing and sleeting for most of the drive. I was thinking about how I felt like my friends, coworkers and family seem to expect that I won't try to have another baby.
Suddenly, as I exited from the freeway to the highway, these massive rainbows appeared. They arched completely over the highway and you could see the ends on both sides. There was a thick, dark rainbow on the bottom, and a thin, pale one above it. I began to cry. I felt like the dark one was my baby telling me things would be okay. The light one was telling me there was another baby waiting for me.
As I drove, the rainbows crossed back and forth over the highway until I thought I saw the end of the dark one. I almost exited to find out what the building was that it was lighting up. Then I realized the rainbow was still moving. It moved right in front of me on the freeway, as if I could drive right up into Heaven. I drove through it instead. The colors lit up the hood of my car and then the windshield before disappearing.
As I continued home, with tears in my eyes, two more faint rainbows appeared around curves in the highway. When I got home and told my family, they said they had both seen rainbows earlier in the day as well. I felt comforted and at peace.


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