Friday, June 23, 2006


My belly is completely covered with bruises from the Lovenox injections. I thought maybe it was because I have been using ice before I inject. This morning I attempted without the ice. Unfortunately, I let my 5 year old daughter watch. I had barely pricked my skin when I realized there was just no way. It is too painful. I got an ice pack and tried again. Not cold enough. My daughter kept saying, "You just have to do it, Mommy! For the baby!" I finally put the ice pack on for a long time, like I usually do, and got the needle in. I have a knot the size of a half dollar on one side of my belly. I wonder if there's anything I can do to stop the bruising.


Blogger Jennifer said...


I had problems with the bruising and Lovenox too, Are you rotating your injection spots? I found that if I injected in 4 different general areas, that it helped with the tenderness and knots, So I used my upper belly for my morning injections, and my lower belly for my evening injections. There's not much you can do about the bruising, ( I haven't injected since my now 4 month old daughter, was 6 weeks old, and I still have some left over bruises.) You can also inject into a stretch mark and it doesn't hurt as bad. I never used ice though, I just pushed the plunger carefully and slowly and that helped with the pain... I also did "test"pokes, if it hurt when I started to stick the needle in, I moved around until I found a spot that didn't hurt... Good Luck!

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Blogger injenuity said...

Thanks for all the advice! The nurse said to do them in a line along the line of my belly button, so they are all around there, but definitely different spots. I don't have stretch marks to put them in, at least, not that I can see. I realized something yesterday. The nurse told me not to rub after I do the injection, and I think I have been rubbing! I'm going to try to not do that and see if it helps.

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