Sunday, September 03, 2006

Worrying Doesn't Make a Difference

That's what I'm trying to tell myself. At our ultrasound last week, the doctor informed us there is too much amniotic fluid in there with our little guy. He had me do my glucose test to see if it is being caused by gestational diabetes. If so, we can modify my diet and hope for a change. I go back on Thursday for another ultrasound. I was dumb enough to do some research when I got home and Hydramnios is not a good thing. I just stopped doing the research and realized worrying won't help. I have to just wait and see if they can find the cause.
The baby looked great on the ultrasound. He's definitely still a boy and proud of it! We got to see some really nice 3d/4d shots. Here's one of his face. Almost every time we've seen him, he's had his hands in front of his face, either sucking his thumb or rubbing his hands together.
I found some baby fabric I like and I think I will start working on the nursery. I still am not ready to set anything up in there, but I think I can start making the bedding and curtains. I'm really starting to love this little guy and I just want to be able to bring him home safely!