Saturday, November 04, 2006


Our poor little guy is still on the phototherapy at home with daily nurse visits. He's got to stay strapped onto this thing that's similar to a flatbed scanner with a sleeper gown on top. He's also got another plastic light across his belly. He sleeps all the time and is up every three hours for feedings.
My milk came in today and he's doing a great job nursing. He'll go for about 10 minutes each side. Unfortunately, we still have to supplement with formula because of the jaundice. I think he's got nipple confusion. It is too easy for him to drink out of the little bottle. He's not latching on properly to the breast. I'm using a nipple shield and he will only pull in the top part. If I try without the shield, it takes forever to get him to latch and then he lets go and falls asleep pretty quickly. His bilirubin numbers went up today, so we've got to keep up the supplementation. The nurse thinks this may be his peak though.


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