Thursday, November 16, 2006

Pediatrician Follow Up

He's up to 6 pounds, 14 ounces. She says that's borderline where she would like him to be, but it's good that he is gaining. We are not to try to change his schedule at all. She says his metabolism is so immature, we just need to adapt and live by his schedule until he is 4-6 weeks old and doing better gaining. She says to let the house get trashed, ignore everyone, eat out, whatever we need to do so Zaeden eats when he's hungry.
The pediatrician wants him bundled up as much as possible. She said you can tell if he's too warm if his face gets sweaty. She wants us to keep working on the pacifier. She says she's got 80% of her babies trained on the pacifier. She believes it makes them more independent later in life. She will help us wean him off it around 18-24 months. She says the pacifier falling out at night probably isn't waking him up, he's just waking up on his own and he wants the pacifier.
His jaundice is stable, so she didn't want to poke him today. She says he'll probably have a 4 hour rest period during the days and that would be a good time for me to pump. She says to breastfeed him as much as he wants around 10PM and then get some bottles ready to make the night easier. That's what I do anyway. Overall, she's pleased with his progress and says we are doing everything right. We have to go back in a week to check his progress again.


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