Tuesday, December 12, 2006

6 Weeks!

I find it hard to believe he is six weeks old. He still seems like a brand new baby. I do notice he is much heavier and he may be about ready to outgrow a few of his outfits. It's nice that clothes don't just hang on him now. He has outgrown newborn diapers.
I still cry all the time. I know all the books about pregnancy after a loss suggest you wait a while before you conceive. They tell you that you need more time to grieve. It's true that I am still grieving, but I don't think more time would have made a difference. I am so sad Cami never got to feel the love I get to offer Zaeden. It is so hard to think that she never got to be alive in this world. I also cry when I think that if I hadn't lost her, I would never have Zaeden. I hate that I lost one child to gain another. It is a sacrifice no mom should have to make.


Blogger Zinnia said...

ditto to your words and feelings...

7:51 PM  

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