Monday, January 22, 2007

It's Going Great!

I feel a sense of freedom when I am not tied down to a discussion board waiting for a response or reaction to something I have posted. When I think of something to post on a board, I transfer my thoughts here and try to decide the best way to add the thought to my blog instead of a board. Too bad more people don't read this! I can spend more time promoting it after I get myself more organized.
This weekend I checked out my board 3 or 4 times a day and responded to a few posts. I resisted the other boards and really wasn't tempted. I think it is probably easier than I expected. Once I made the break, there wasn't really anything I had to go back and check. There are a few people I wonder about, but I can get by without checking.
On another note, I found a great sale at Osh Kosh this weekend, if anyone is interested. Winter clothes were 70% off. I got 14 items for the kids for under $100. Zaeden has jumped right from newborn size to 6-9 months! Ivy wears size 6 in the waist, but has short legs so it is pretty difficult to shop for her. So far the solution is to have her wear boots with a little bit of heel!


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