Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Junk Mail

We get a lot of junk mail, but two things really bother me. I still get mail from baby companies for Cami. I hate getting the toddler coupons and letters. It is so sad. But even worse than that, is the junk mail from the funeral home! First we got an invitation to a scrapbooking party. Then we got an invitation to a group memorial and now a survey. The introduction makes it sound like they are trying to improve service, but the entire survey is obviously a solicitation to purchase future funeral arrangements. It doesn't ask a single question about how they handled our past funeral. I don't know if I ever mentioned this here, but when we went in to purchase Cami's casket and arrangements, the guy handed us a teddy bear wrapped in plastic and asked if we wanted it buried with her! We told him to please keep it and give it to a grieving child at a ceremony. How horrible to think of my daughter being buried with some strange, packaged add-on.


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