Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Big Boy!

Zaeden just had his 4 month checkup. He's 25 3/8 inches (50%), 16 pounds 10 oz. (75%), 16 inch head circumference (10%), which is perfect proportions, according to the pediatrician. She said I make beautiful babies and Z looks like his daddy. He has these 2 little bumps I was concerned about. At first she was saying the thing on his side looked like an extra nipple, but I showed her the one on his neck and she said they are probably just birth marks.
We can start solid foods whenever. 6 months, like we planned, is fine. The only reason to start solids is to get them to experience the texture and build up antigens. They don't need them for nutrition. She said we shouldn't wait much past 6 months because they can get picky. We should start with rice cereal once a day, then move on to veggies then fruit and introduce one new thing every 5 days.
Z hates his tummy time, so I asked about that. She said don't bother with tummy time. She doesn't encourage it anyway. He'll do it when he learns to roll. She's not concerned about his flat head at all either. She said you worry about that when the flat spot makes their head turn to one side.
Overall, he's doing well and I am so glad. The shots were terrible. After I got home, I researched them and became worried. There is just too much information out there. I guess I just have to hope his shots don't cause autism. He had the new Pediarix immunization. The doctor spent time telling us how safe it is. I trust her for most things so decided to trust her on this. I did read a lot online about how the combined shots are not safe. It's too late now!


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