Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Following the Tech Talk

I finally finished my first draft of the Virtual Worlds Trends Analysis and sent the PDF to my boss for editing/proofing last night. The last several months I have been completely absorbed with this project. I have spent hours and hours reading listservs and blogs and trying to keep up with the latest happenings in the world of educational technology.
I began with the intention of learning the least amount possible about virtual worlds in order to present a low level analysis for community college administrators. I soon realized the complexity of the systems and became more involved and immersed. I purchased land, set up a house, attended a building class and bought new hair! I followed the debates and observed social changes. I discovered a world that was so dynamic, I couldn't possibly compose a static, detailed analysis, that wouldn't be obsolete within days.
I finally decided to create a general overview with links to online resources, screen shots of virtual worlds, examples of existing projects and recommendations for addressing typical challenges. I tried to be objective and I hope the final piece doesn't show bias.
Now that I am "free" of this project, I do not want to let go of my daily exploration of Web 2.0 and the latest innovations in Web technologies. I especially enjoy reading blogs and personal accounts of real world application. Whether Web 2.0 exists, or not, there are exciting things happening to motivate people to open their minds and create. I hope my next project allows me to participate in this world!


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cool! I finally got a chace to watch it!


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