Monday, May 28, 2007


Just like last year, I heard a lot of "Happy Memorial Day" around town and online. It isn't really a "happy" holiday, but I think many people just see it as another day off. I did not go to the cemetery this year. In fact, Friday, I was driving around town trying to convince myself I never even lost a baby. I kept replaying the scene where the doctor said, "Unfortunately, the baby has died in the uterus," over and over and telling myself it didn't happen to me. Just as I was fighting the mental battle, the funeral director crossed in front of me in his shiny new mini van and brought me back to reality. I flashed back to him handing us the generic, plastic wrapped teddy bear and telling us we could have our daughter buried with it because it came with the casket. Happy Memorial Day!


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I'm so sorry..............


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