Saturday, May 19, 2007

War and Peace

I am not sure if there are any original ideas out there. I know that every time I come up with something, someone else has already thought of it. I was catching glimpses of a show my husband was watching about WWI and something struck me. War is not the opposite of peace. Peace is the absence of war. The world is struggling for an ultimate goal of peace, and I believe peace is not enough.
There is some condition out there that is the opposite of war and I do not know what it is called. Society needs to put as much effort into this condition as they do into war. Where money is spent on war, it should be spent on this. This condition involves constructing buildings, educating people, healing the sick, protecting the environment, creating spaces for all to share.
I no longer seek world peace. I seek a world where citizens have the enthusiasm and energy of warriors, but for a constructive, creative purpose.


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