Sunday, June 03, 2007


My husband sent me to Fred Meyer to check out a desk he wanted to get along with a CD/DVD cabinet. I, of course, had to go next door to Staples first to see if there was something better. I also needed a new shredder (my third), possibly a wireless keyboard and new mouse. I started looking at the furniture, but the sales girl was so annoying, I wandered off to try to escape the store.
On my way out, I saw a shredder that looked perfect, so I picked it up. I purchased the extra protection plan, since I seem to shred shredders. There was a pile of receipts, including a rebate and the protection plan. The check out girl couldn't find a stapler. (Staples?) She went to another desk to get one, and after pounding on it several times, gave up. I told her I didn't need my receipts stapled, but found it odd that the store was called Staples and they didn't have a working stapler. She said none of the staplers there ever worked.


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