Tuesday, June 19, 2007


I finished my big work project and it is finally off to the proofreaders. I have had my head stuck in virtual world research so long that it is difficult transitioning and winding down. I don't have any new major work on my plate yet, so I have been taking it easy. I didn't even check my work email this last weekend.
I have been rearranging the house. I finally gave up my office. Since I got the laptop last August, I rarely work in the office. For some reason, I was brought up to believe televisions should go in family rooms and computers belong in the office. I have come to the realization that the computer is part of our life and it is okay to have one in the family room. So my desk and PC have moved to the family room and will be integrated with the HD/TV/DVR system. I have enjoyed working on two computers at once while the kids play in the family room. It will probably take a while before I feel like it's not tacky!
My office is now a guest bedroom. My parents are coming in a few weeks and it will be nice for them to have some privacy. Since Zaeden arrived, the play room has been the home of the guest bed. Our guests have had to sleep in a room full of toys, a TV and 2 computers. Now that room is more suited to just hanging out and playing.
The biggest transition is passing by with very little recognition. Today was Ivy's last day of kindergarten. When I picked her up, all the moms and the teacher were crying. I tried to feel some of that emotion, but I think I have been disconnected from her classroom this year. I know the other moms volunteered more. I don't think Ivy realized the magnitude of what is happening. It's not just that she is moving up to first grade. This is her first summer out of school. She's going to be stuck with her mom and baby brother every day instead of her friends. There are about 10 other girls in the neighborhood for her to play with, but she won't be with her friends from school. We are trying to work on a schedule, but I don't know how well it will mesh with my computer addiction!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Before you know it we'll have networked computers in the kitchen, bathroom, etc. and will never be without them....


7:34 AM  

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